Future Heritage @ Museum Innovation for Social Inclusion

Jasmin is invited to present and discuss Future Heritage in Milan in a round table and workshop on “Museum innovation for social inclusion“.


“Which are museum’s civic and social potentialities? How to develop critical skills and themes needed for the understanding of the present from museum objects and collections? How much social responsibility, a subject mostly related to companies and business contexts, can impact even in the museum sphere?

Despite of its typology, museums can be seen as spaces of inclusion and active democracy, right from the understanding and sharing of the complexities of skills and sectors which sometimes seems far from each others.

The round table and the workshop Museum innovation for social inclusion are born to focus these issues from the dialogue among different European and Italian partners. The proposal, in fact, was developed inside the framework of the project pa.pa.pa! Heritage for Social Innovation, designed by ABCittà (Milan, Italy) and 4iS – Plataforma para a Inovação Social (Aveiro, Portugal) within the program Tandem Europe, in collaboration with different international partners.”

15.00/17.00 | Round table

> Alessandra Gariboldi, Fondazione Fitzcarraldo
> Jasmin Grimm, Future heritage (Berlin, Germany)
> Davide Dall’Ombra, Casa Testori
> João Pedro Rosa, Plataforma para a Inovação Social (Aveiro, Portugal)

Maria Chiara Ciaccheri and Anna Chiara Cimoli (ABCittà) will moderate.

17.00/18.30  | Workshop for critical understanding and discussion
19.00/19.30 | Buffet and social meeting

Friday February 24, 2017 | 15.00/19.30
Associazione Il Lazzaretto, Milan


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